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We are a group of enthusiasts united by an interest in the hidden powers of the human organism, the borders of consciousness and the possibilities of the spirit. For 15 years we have been learning subjects such as Yoga, Astrology, Dao, Russian Spiritual Practices and other well-known practices.

Years of work in this direction have produced results that we now share with other people who intend to change themselves. In the past, we were legally unable to exist as a separate organization and therefore we collaborated with several other organizations, but, now the conditions are different to those at the time in which our organization was conceived. Now we are called Health Ecology, and we are a nonprofit making organization that was founded in 2001. All our programmes are designed and carried out in accordance with the principles of the UNO and UNESCO. The organization implements an educational, philanthropic and humanitarian mission. Our objects and purposes are achieved through a series of programmes, which take place not only in Russia but also in areas of the world famous for their ecological and spiritual purity, such as, for example, the Himalayas.

The unique points of these programmes are in the reciprocity and interaction between a person and his/her social and natural environment and in the practical implications and usage in everyday life. Our activity involves human health in all its aspects: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, taking into account the interdependence between all the people living on the Earth and the different natural conditions that surround us. Health Ecology explores the folk traditions and medical practices of different countries and makes use of all the different methods that offer a real improvement in man's physical and psychic well-being.


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