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Modern society finds itself in a paradoxical situation: with an explosion of information about the world and the ways in which it can be transformed, knowledge about the human being himself is still in the developmental stage. In times such as our own, an individual has to be very flexible and psychically adapted.

Health Ecology adapts the knowledge and experience of different nations to the conditions of life in the modern world. Our programmes help to improve an individual's health at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and provides efficient methods for the reduction and ultimate elimination of the problem of stress.

We use techniques and practices based on ancient knowledge of yoga - the science of a control over your body and breathing. The activation of the organism's own powers of self-preservation and the attainment of both psychic and emotional stability can be reached with the help of a system of yoga. A controlled correction of the bodily organs and functions becomes possible due to a synthesis of different methods and forms of influence: from asanas and controlled breathing to inculcation into the subconsciousness. Also within Health Ecology's sphere of interests are: Tibetan yoga and medicine, the achievements of the Dao path: - Tsi Gun, healing colours and sounds, elemental energy, etc. native Russian practices for rejuvenation and the improvement of health, the wisdom of Porphyry Ivanov, different types of massage: classical, sporting, tonic, relaxation, medicine, children's, energetic, Tai Chi Tsuan; acupuncture.

Medicinal fasting. Individual diets. Individual rhythms and products.


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