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We undertake experiments in the compatibility, in an isolated group of people, between people of different ages and different social orientations.

The people who participate in these workdays, that are in fact free of work, live in special cottages that are rented especially for the purpose, working on their social and self expression, both on their own and in groups. In those cottages, where sexual relationships are proscribed, groups work on different conditions.

  • The Child's Perspective - several families with little children and singles who haven't yet found a family. Questions about family relationships and childrens' upbringing are tackled.
  • The Girl's Perspective - unmarried women, individuals in a collective. Attaining the ability to rule, submit, or collaborate.
  • The Man's Perspective - a mixed collective of men and women of different ages (from 25 to 86), mostly single. Questions of the relationship between the sexes, and the possibilities of working in co-operation without either sex holding sway over the other, are tackled.
  • The Adult's Perspective - adult men and women. The lives of different people in one family, one clan, so to speak, where everybody knows his position and voluntarily carries out his duties.

During this experiment, participants acquire knowledge and experience that enables them to adapt to social life and to enhance their suitability to their chosen profession. This is confirmed by the fact that participants who had found it difficult to adapt to life in society were subsequently able to adapt themselves to social change and alter their relationship to new conditions, and were able to make their lives more productive, acquire new professions and find their niche in society.


russian About Us Health Life in Nature Experiments Real Achievements Publications Photo

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