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Participants in our numerous programmes note an improvement in their health and a raise in their level of consciousness, the acquisition of a tranquility of mind and heart. This in turn brings about a return of physical health, and the acquisition of flexibility, beauty and even longevity. Others note an expansion of their creative energy, will and clarity of mind. Control over emotions is also seen to be attained: getting rid of anxiety, pride, anger, greed, concupiscence, envy.

Depression has been very effectively treated, and the prevention and removal of psychosomatic disorders has also been noted. Constant practice brings about positive results even at the level of everyday life - relations with family members and friends show marked improvement. Self-confidence in tackling work-related activities rises. Communication within a collective also takes a turn for the better.

  • People acquire non-standard methods of improving the health of both themselves and their families.
  • Our children are untouched by epidemics, they are not afraid of the cold.
  • Single young girls, who tackle their problems in the sphere of relationships and creating a family, learn to understand their complexes and, when married, they continue their studies during pregnancy. It helps them to bear and to give birth to their babies successfully. Now, together with their parents, these children now take part in our programmes.
  • People acquire the ability to find ways out of difficulties in different situations in life. They improve on these possibilities by undertaking periods of adaptation to new climatic, regional and high-altitude conditions; this also enhances the ability of the individual to make a quick and effective recovery from illness.
  • Many of the participants have since achieved such levels that they now feel that they are ready to pass their experience on to other people.
russian About Us Health Life in Nature Experiments Real Achievements Publications Photo

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